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House of music
With the purchase of a Gift Card friend, ANDANTE with the travel number equivalent to the number of spectacles acquired.

Hospital do Carmo
Customers of signature Andante Gold have discounts at various medical specialties and services of the order of Carmo – up to a maximum of 35%.
To access discounts, simply present the card Andante Gold and the respective proof of loading for the month concerned. Learn more here.
Pharmacy Valdrez
Customers who present their Card or Monthly Subscription STCP Andante in Valdrez Pharmacy benefit from a 10% discount on products not subject to medical prescription.
Restaurante Casa Inês
By presenting the Card or Monthly Subscription STCP Andante entitled to a glass of wine Dry Port at the beginning of your meal at Restaurante Casa Ines.
Plano de Viagem
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