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Advertising on STCP

The STCP sells advertising on buses, on multiple media information. The same happens in the interior and exterior of your electric.

The Marketing Department is the area that internally has the responsibility to respond to requests and streamline this business area. Among the customers of this new service, the STCP already has companies like Unicer, Trofa health and continent.

For more information, see the table of advertising prices of STCP:

Price list advertising STCP(Download)

Advertising on trams and inside buses
Address: AV. Fernão de Magalhães, 1862, 13. Porto 4350-158
Tel: 22 +351 507 1074
Fax: +351 22 507 1150

Bus exterior advertising
Awarded to: MOP-Multimedia Advertising Billboards, SA
Address: Prime Building. AV. Quinta Grande, nº 53, 3. Alfragide. 2610-156 Amadora
Tel: 02 17 21 +351 114
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