NOS Primavera Sound

STCP once again associates itself with NOS Primavera Sound with a service that focuses on quality and flexibility, allowing the public to move comfortably to and from Parque da Cidade.
STCP will provide a special service with routes (see map) and reinforced timetables. In addition to the regular lines, a direct connection will be created from Parque da Cidade to Aliados, via Avenida da Boavista, Cedofeita, Praça da República and Trindade.
The line operates continuously during the night, from 23:30 to 7:00 in the morning, during the days of the festival. In the Aliados there is a connection with the Madrugada Network.
Lines 200 and 203 will be extended to Praça Cidade Salvador, line 205 will have service from dawn to Areosa, line 502 will be reinforced with more trips and line 1M will have twice the usual frequency. All good reasons to go and come back with STCP!

- Occasional Andante Z2 tickets (€1.25)
- Andante monthly tickets
- On-board ticket(2.00€)
- Andante Tour: 24h (1 day) - 7€ and 72h (3 days) - 15€

How to buy:
We recommend purchasing your ticket in advance, so you can enjoy the festival without any other worries or inconveniences. Search for the nearest point of sale at: and buy the necessary trips for the trip and return.
During the period of operation of the special NOS Primavera Sound service, a mobile on-board ticket sales point (€2.00) will be available for buses in Praça Cidade Salvador and an Andante ticket sales point on the festival grounds.


How to return from the concerts:
Shuttle NOS Primavera Sound
There will be departures every 10 minutes, in large-capacity buses, as long as there are passengers.
Total trip duration: 20 minutes.
It makes a direct connection from Parque da Cidade to Aliados, with stops along the way (see map).
every night of the festival – from 11:30 pm to 7 am

1M – from 0h30 to 6h00
205 – from 5h30 to 1h00 until Campanhã Station, from 1h00 to 5h30 extra trips until Areosa.

How to go to the concerts:
200 – from 6h00 to 0h30
202– from 6h00 to 21h00
203– from 6h00 to 21h00
205 – from 5h30 to 1h00, from Campanhã Station
500 – from 6h00 to 0h30
501 – from 6h00 to 1h00
502 – from 6h00 to 0h30

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