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Municipal Theater of Campo Alegre
Municipal Theater of Campo Alegre
Local: Teatro do Campo Alegre
Date: 01 September a 28 October

Campo Alegre Theatre presents film cycle dedicated to French Cinema and the great masters of so-called "Nouvelle vague" (1930-1960).

During 40 days, from 1 September to 10 October, the Teatro Municipal Campo Alegre gives to meet some of the most iconic films of the great masters of French cinema, including Jean-Pierre Melville, Jean Renoir, Georges Franju, Louis Malle Marcel Pagnol, Jacques Becker, Jean Cocteau, Sacha Guitry, Max Ophüls and Robert Bresson.

The cycle includes 16 movies, some of which will be displayed for the first time in cinemas, and "changed the way of making movies", as stated Serge Daney, French film critic.

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Timetables: Monday-Friday: 6:30 pm; 10:00 pm | Saturdays and Sundays: 3:30 pm; 6:30 pm; 10:00 pm
Tickets: 5 euros (4 euros Tripass:)
Rating: M/12 (except for Eyes without a face: M/14)

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