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Frida Kahlo-Her Photos
Frida Kahlo-Her Photos
Local: Antigo Palácio Do Tribunal Da Relação E Cadeia Do Porto
Date: 06 July a 04 November
Cost: 8 €
"Frida Kahlo – Her Photos"

When, in 1954, Frida dies, your husband, Diego Rivera, decides to donate to the Mexican people the House where they lived – the Blue House, today the Frida Kahlo Museum.

In 2010, the efforts of Hilda Trujillo Soto, Director of the Frida Kahlo Museum, comes to allow part of this acquis will become on this show, curated by photographer and historian of photography in Mexico, Pablo Ortiz Monasterio.

"Frida Kahlo, her photographs", more than reveal the depth and intimacy of the artist, renews our gaze on what is one of the most important and enigmatic artists of Latin America.

In front of or behind the camera, Frida knew how to create a strong personality. In pictures taken by your father, a surprising knowledge of their best angles and poses.

The 241 photographs now presented preserved thanks to the love of Frida Kahlo by photographic art. Frida took care and fruiu of them and worked them-coloring them, printing them kisses, cropping them or applying them thoughts. These pictures reflect the intimacy and the painter's interests throughout your busy life: his family, his fascination with Diego Rivera, your husband, the multiple lovers, friends and some enemies, the rugged body and medical science, politics and art the Indians and the pre-Hispanic past, and the passion for Mexico and for your people.

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