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Porto Tram City Tour

What is the Porto Tram City Tour?

The network of electric historical tramcars of STCP, SA - Porto Tram City Tours – constitutes an inescapable ex-libris of Oporto city. With a history dating back to 1872, when the first line of "American cars" of the city of Porto was inaugurated, the network of electric cars is currently constituted by 3 distinct STCP lines that run through the most emblematic areas of the city:
  • Line 1, or riverside line, makes the route between the historic centre of Porto and the garden of Passeio Alegre on a single path along the banks of the River Douro;
  • Line 18, or restore Line, which runs between Massarelos and the Carmo on a path that connects the historic parish of Massarelos to Garden of cordage, rope, Twine and its surroundings;
  • Line 22, or Low line, which traverses the emblematic streets of the city centre of Porto in a circular route between Casey and Battle/Guindais.

In that time they operate lines that constitute the Porto Tram City Tour?

With a fleet of electric cars characteristic of decades of 1920/1930, fully restored, the circuit Porto Tram City Tour operates daily between the 08:00 and the 8:55 pm.

How much are the tickets of Porto Tram City Tour?

  • Single ticket (valid for one trip): € 2.50
  • Single ticket with visit to the Museum of electric car: 4,00€ (adult) and € 2.50 (child)
  • 12:0 am ticket with visit to Electric Car Museum: 8.00 (adults) and 5,00 € (child)

Where can I purchase one of Porto Tram City Tour tickets?

  • The Board of the STCP electric
  • Electric Car Museum
  • Hotels (see list)
  • Travel agencies (see list)
  • Selected kiosks

Other titles are valid on the lines of the Porto Tram City Tour?

  • STCP monthly tickets
  • Andante monthly tickets
  • BoaLine 1: C1 and C2
  • Lines 18 and 22: zone C1

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