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Linha 506 - Alteração de Percurso - Obras...

From December 4, due to works in the AV. EARL - S. infests OF MAMEDE, cars of... Read more

Line 304 - Final Amendment stop location in...

From December 1, the stop "Pr. da República "in the sense Bº Staª Luzia,... Read more

Lines 201-203-502-503-504 - Route Amendment...

From 12: 00h DAY NOVEMBER 17, due to the partial completion of the works in AV.... Read more

Lines 207-400- Amendment Provisional route -...

From the November 19, as soon as the signs indicate due to the works in... Read more

Line 505 - Change of Course - Works in Rua...

From November 5, once the signaling indicates, due to works in RUA DA MAINÇA -... Read more

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