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Lines 301-602 - Change of route - Works on...

On October 4, as soon as the signs indicate, due to disassembly of cranes, the... Read more

Line 600 - New Timetable

From October 6, new timetable more often in the variants Maia and Barca. Read more

Line 18 - Reduction of Service

On days 4, 6 and October 8, the electrical line 18, only work in the afternoon,... Read more

Line 906 - Change of route - Rua das...

From 1 October, as soon as the signs indicate the due to works in STREET OF... Read more

201-203-502-503-504 lines - Change of Course...

From 10:00 am on September 25, due to the partial completion of the works in... Read more

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13 a 31 December
16 October às 21:30
13 às 20:00 a 16 October
12 October às 10:00
Mohamed Kassab-Bachi Marouan simply known as Marwan, is internationally recognized as one of the most significant Arab artists. Born in Damascus in 1934,... Read more
Open Air
10 October às 18:00
The Port House and the Museum of Natural History, University of Porto will perform on October 10 at Quinta do Covelo, one observing session of bats. Read more
04 às 13:00 a 05 October
04 às 10:00 a 05 October
Open Air
02 às 12:00 a 12 October
Francesinha DOWNTOWNAmong other contemporary and traditional proposals, the francesinha shows its various facets in a festival dedicated to her, taking place... Read more
13 às 16:00 a 05 October
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