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Operation Designation: STCP's new decarbonized fleet

Description of Operation
The operation's general objective is to renew STCP's fleet, replacing 86 end-of-life vehicles with clean vehicles, including five 100% electric, which will allow the provision of a more efficient public service, in technological, environmental and economic terms, supporting the achievement of national targets regarding the reduction of carbon emissions and the use of fossil fuels, while reducing the company's ecological footprint.

Operation Objectives
As a collective road transport company, STCP – Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos do Porto, E.I.M., S.A. plays an important role in the environmental quality of the urban space where it operates. The company policy has as one of its principles to minimize the environmental impact of its support activity, providing the facilities and equipment with technologically efficient solutions, which promote the progressive reduction of pollution and consumption of natural energy resources.
This operation (POSEUR-01-1407-FC-000039) continues the strategy that STCP has implemented in recent decades, with the diversification of fuels used in the fleet, where Natural Gas took the podium, Electricity presents itself as the future of "clean" mobility and Diesel is limited to an increasingly reduced number of vehicles.
The action foresees the following goals:
  • acquisition of 81 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles and 5 100% electric vehicles, of the European category M3, class I, more efficient in energy and economic terms and with lower levels of pollutant emissions (with lower emissions in each of the limits applicable maximums, set in the Euro VI Standard of at least 15%);
  • removal from circulation of an equal number of end-of-life buses that do not meet the most adequate conditions to provide the public service to which STCP is obligated;
  • acquisition and installation of infrastructure for charging new electric vehicles;
  • requalification of a Natural Gas filling station, making it more efficient.

The vehicle delivery process takes place between March and October 2021.

Total value of investment
Financial support from the European Union (Cohesion Fund)

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