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Mission, Vision, Core Values and Manifesto


As the leading public transport operator, we run the day-to-day public transport network services of the city in line with the entire ecosystem aiming at providing the safest and most efficient and reliable service possible to our local communities supporting the ongoing city´s economic development, environment and innovation.


Our purpose is to keep our city moving and make our customers’ life better as well as the recognition of our substantial contribution to the society and to our Planet.

Core Values


STCP is committed to delivering the best transport service possible to every passenger and customer, tailored to their needs and do all we can to resolve their issues. STCP services support the economic growth of the city. We explore and foster effective strategies for tackling environmental issues as well as we are also focused on leaving a better transport service legacy for the generations to come.


We aspire to be always the very best in what we do. We are committed to continuously improving passengers’ public transport experience. Humility leads us to find out the plan we have to foster that will benefit the well-being of our customers. Our behaviours are based on accuracy leading us to the highest quality standards. We excel in the public transport service provision!


We dare to work on continuous improvements and innovation ! We keep our feet on the ground and are aware of the public transport service we deliver which we are accountable to our shareholders. We are open to exploring new transport innovations that will make public transport more efficient as part of the sustainable mobility. 

  • We are keen to make an important contribution to the Society, by ensuring an inclusive urban sustainable mobility making access to all citizens easier. 
  • We are committed to never failing to consider the impacts of environmental issues by setting our overall carbon emissions reduction target. Making our city carbon-neutral is our ambition.
  • One of STCP’s utmost priorities is creating smart innovative solutions for urban mobility tailored to our Passengers´needs in constant evolution.
  • STCP frequently launches major new innovation challenges and technology that may benefit the delivery of our public passenger transport services.
  • We always keep in mind and remain focused on providing excellent public transport service as well as making also every effort to meet Passengers´expectations. 
  • We spare no effort to ensure a high-performing workplace and provide support to employees to enable them to thrive and progress their careers.
  • We are deeply engaged in building cultivating and bolstering long-term cooperative trust-based relationships with our stakeholders even in difficult times.
  • We will go on pursuing our full potential implementing strategies and taking bold steps to achieve our ambitions and priorities over the next 150 years as well as pioneering in our public transport activity.
    • The continuous comprehensive assessment of a series of management processes together with the adoption of a range of innovative solutions and our customers’ feedback as well, help us gradually enhance and provide a high standard of public transport service.
    • STCP’s desire is to prioritise communication. An increasing emphasis has been placed on the need of employee involvement and participation within the company as a way of building a fully committed workforce thus, contributing to the company´s more efficient operation.
    • Organisational activities and functions of the various departments are part of a cohesive structure ensuring that everyone can improve business performance.
    • Our teams dare to seek new and diverse perspectives that can inspire and give rise to new ideas for innovation.
    • As the leading public transport operator within Porto Metropolitan Area, we are fully aware of our role in the promotion of sustainable mobility in the municipalities of Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia, Matosinhos, Maia, Gondomar and Valongo.
    • We have signed Porto climate deal as part of our ambition to make our city carbon-neutral for the coming years.
    • It is of the utmost importance to take a series of major steps towards the sorting and separation of waste type, water saving, energy efficiency improvement, reuse of materials and resources. These procedures guide our activity on a daily basis both in the workshops, in the office and in the bus scheduling and planning department..
    • We try to extend our best practices to suppliers and subcontractors considering how important our actions are thus, expanding influence on those around us.
    • STCP is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment by providing physical and mental wellbeing to our workers.
    • We encourage the development of personal and professional skills by offering learning and career progression opportunities available to employees.
    • STCP plays an important role in creating a healthy and positive work environment at workplace where all personnel can feel supported and involved in decison-making finding innovative ways towards the continued management system improvement.
    • We run our activity in compliance with the applicable legislative framework targeting a constant dynamic management improvement and giving the opportunity to engage not only all employees and their representatives but also customers, contractors, suppliers, authorities and other entities. 
    • We foster a policy of trust, transparency, ethics and integrity which is transmitted to our staff and stakeholders in order to build reliability in the workplace and offering opportunities for professional development as well.
    • STCP is committed to implementing Active or Passive Anti-corruption Management System.
    • We aim to ensure an effective communication with the purpose of identifying breach of ethics and that reprisals will not be taken.
    • An independent person in charge has been appointed for the investigation of suspected cases of any wrongdoing.

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