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In the event of a strike, declarations to be issued will be sent to the email provided at no charge.

Declarations of inexistence of STCP Service are issued according  to the STCP offer published on our website.
We therefore recommend consulting the service available and published for the Normal period.
If after reviewing the available routes and times it appears that we are offering service in the desired area or time, you should note that the declaration will be issued in accordance with this information and involves the payment of the respective administrative costs:
  • 2,5 €, if collected at the STCP head office, located at Fernão de Magalhães Avenue, 1862, 10th floor, 4350-158 Porto.
  • 4 € if the declaration is sent by post.
If you wish to receive the declaration, in any case, the payment must be made in advance at the STCP head office , located at Av. Fernão de Magalhães, 1862, 10th floor, 4350-158 Porto.

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