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Project description
Decarbonization of the Fleet - Zero Emissions STCP Buses

Acquire 48 new standard 12-metre vehicles, powered by electricity, more efficient in energy terms and in economic terms, without polluting emissions, allowing to reinforce the fleet and remove end-of-life vehicles from circulation.

Operation description
Objectives and justification of the operation
The general objective of the operation is to continue the renewal of STCP's fleet, which will allow it to provide a more efficient public service, in environmental and economic terms, supporting the transition to an economy with low carbon emissions.
This operation will also allow STCP to contribute to Portugal achieving the goals it has set itself in terms of energy efficiency. The targets defined in the Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality 2050 for the transport sector, which is one of the main emitters, are very ambitious, imposing, by 2050, a reduction in emissions of 98% compared to 2005, and the incorporation of between 94% and 96% of renewable energies in their consumption.
This operation makes a significant contribution to reducing emissions and increasing the percentage of energy from renewable sources used in transport.
The operation has the following specific objectives:
  • Acquire new vehicles of standard typology of 12 meters (in a total of 48), of the European category M3, class I, powered by electricity, more efficient in energy terms, in economic terms without pollutant emissions, allowing to reinforce the fleet and withdraw from circulation end-of-life vehicles that do not meet the most suitable conditions to provide the public service to which STCP is bound;
  • Install suitable charging stations for electric vehicles;
  • Publicize the operation, making users and the general public aware of the benefits of using collective public transport in urban areas, in particular cleaner vehicles (i.e. with lower emissions of pollutants and lower energy consumption).

This operation will allow the continuity of the environmental strategy that has been followed by the company, allowing STCP, the second largest urban transport operator at national level, to increase the number of electric vehicles in its fleet (68, corresponding to 15% of fleet), reducing the effective number of diesel vehicles (which at the end of the operation should only be 43, corresponding to 10% of the fleet). Naturally, when compared to the current fleet, the reduction in the number of diesel vehicles will translate into a reduction in polluting emissions, as shown below in this point.
With the planned renewal, important environmental benefits are expected, associated with both an increase in fleet efficiency and lower pollutant emissions.

Result of the international public tender
48 new vehicles start to be delivered in September 2023

Following the international public tender, launched on September 26, for the acquisition of 48 100% electric passenger transport vehicles and an electric charging station, consisting of 24 dual chargers, and according to the information published in the last Wednesday, on the Vortal Platform, STCP informs that the award was made to the proposal presented by the competitor EF – Energia Fundamental, Mobilidade Elétrica, Lda., representative in Portugal of the Chinese company Zhongtong Bus (ZT Bus).

The overall value of the contract awarded is €19,260,000.00 and concerns 48 100% electric Zhongtong Bus vehicles and the installation of a charging station at the Via Norte Collection Station.

The installation of the new charging station at the Via Norte Collection Station is scheduled for the end of August and the delivery of the new vehicles (standard type of 12 meters and with a range of around 370 km) will take place, in stages, between September and November from 2023.

With the acquisition of these new electric buses, STCP will see its 100% emission-free fleet increase from the current 20 vehicles to 68, which translates into a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 4,000 ton/year, allowing the replacement of 24 standard vehicles at the end of their lives and reinforce the company's fleet with another 24 energetically clean vehicles.

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