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Monthly tickets

These are the new Andante monthly subscriptions that take you further and further.

Andante 3Z = €30
Valid for traveling in 3 zones selected by the customer on the lines and operators that make up the Andante intermodal system.

Municipal Andante = €30

Valid for traveling in a number of areas belonging to a municipality on the lines and operators that make up the Andante intermodal system.

Andante Metropolitan = 40 €
Valid for traveling on all lines and operators integrated in the Andante intermodal system.

Andante Family 3Z/ Municipal = 60 €
Monthly subscription assigned to each member of the household.

Andante Metropolitan Family = 80 €
Monthly subscription given to each member of the household.

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Social discounts remain in effect, which you can see in the following link.

Subscriptions at no cost to the user:

Sub13 Andante Subscription
It must be requested at the educational establishment and is valid throughout the AMP (Andante network). Children under 13 who already have a 3Z or Municipal subscription must upgrade to the Sub13 subscription, going to an Andante store, CP ticket office with Andante sales, Andante stations installed in Municipalities or Vending Machines at metro and metro stations. CP.

Andante 3Z Porto. Subscription (Updated on 02-07-2021 18:06)
Subscription for young people from 13 to 18 years old residing in the city of Porto.
The Andante 3Z Porto. is a free subscription offered by the Municipality to young people with tax domicile in Porto and students aged between 13 and 18 who can prove they are studying and residing in the city.
It allows the use of public transport integrated in the Andante network, within a limit of 3 contiguous zones (it is mandatory that at least one of them be in Porto, municipality of residence, that is, one of the zones must be PRT1, PRT2 or PRT3), through validation on all trips.

See here all the necessary information.

For social benefits, check conditions in the following document (Portuguese version only).

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