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How to validate

Andante card users should always validate the Andante card by touching it  in at the start and touching it out at the end of a journey and also whenever they change the route or from one means of transport to another no matter the card might be.  All season tickets must be validated on boarding!

Validation is compulsory. Non-validation results in an unnecessary risk!
In order to properly validate when taking a city bus, touch your Andante ticket on the card reader which can be found in the boarding area next to the front door less than 10 cm away from the black circle and keep the card without moving it.

If a green light is shown, it means you have made a proper validation.  A short sound can be heard and the card balance is displayed on the card reader screen.
When a red light turns on validation is not completed. A different sound can be heard and on the card reader screen you can read a message indicating the reason for that.

Repeat this procedure or use another ticket. There is always the possibility to buy a ticket on board.

Inspection teams are well aware of fare evasion!

For more information about the penalties in force:

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