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Traveling basics

Riding public transport for the first time is not always easy. You need to know about lines, ways of validation and multiple rules varying from city to city or even from operator to operator. You will find below a short glossary of useful and appropriate terms used in our information service so that you may get acquainted with them.

Single mode fare pricing

This fare pricing is used by only one transport operator.

Ticket inspectors

Ticket inspectors are officers duly accredited and empowered to detect fare dodgers and fight fare evasion.


Andante card is used on public transports operating within the Porto Metropolitan Area. Whether you ride a bus, light railway or a train you can always use this card. Journey fare depends only on the chosen route not on the mode of transport you may use or even on the number of boardings. Learn more here

Andante Card

This card comes in a variety of either PVC or firm cardboard of exclusive model and is reloadable with Andante travel tickets.


One or more travel tickets may be loaded onto your card made from either firm cardboard or PVC.

Bus stop

A designated and authorised place where buses are scheduled to arrive at or stop for passengers to board and alight. It is clearly marked with a bus stop pole for boarding and alighting. It is forbidden to board or alight at points which are not a designated bus stop.


A line is made up of multiple bus stops in succession providing a continuous route ensuring the delivery of a scheduled passenger transport service.

Intermodal fare pricing

This fare pricing relative to intermodal passenger transport system which involves using one or more modes of transport in a journey,  is applied by all  adherent transport operators.

Travel ticket

This type of ticket, be it occasional or a season ticket entitles the respective holder to make one or more journeys.
  • Contactless technology travel tickets whether they are occasional or season tickets, may come in a variety of either PVC or firm cardboard.

  • "Agente Único” -  it is a ticket made from firm cardboard sold by drivers on board and is valid for one single journey – the journey for which it was purchased. It expires at the end of the journey when respective holder gets off the bus.



A distance to be travelled inside the same vehicle along a continuous STCP’s route.


Equipment designed to validate or check the validity of the electronic ticket.

Fare Zone Division

Division of the Porto Metropolitan Area into fare zones. See more here


Recording either on the validator or on the card of the details regarding the journey and the travel ticket,  as a result of touching it on the card reader as well as the remaining updated balance on an occasional ticket, if any.   

Travel Conditions and Regulations

Rules for Using Andante Card

STCP Conditions of Use

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