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Touristic tickets

Two types of special tickets were issued to make it easier for tourists to travel around the city:
  •  Andante Tour Ticket is valid on all STCP Buses, other selected bus lines, metro light rail and urban trains.
  •  Tram tickets, for a memorable journey on  board the oldest transport system in the city of Porto currently still operating.


What is the Andante Tour?

Andante Tour card is a multimodal ticket designed for tourists who want to get around Porto Metropolitan Area free of worries. With the Andante Tour ticket you can travel in STCP buses, other selected bus lines, Metro and urban trains in all the Andante Area. You choose only the number of days you want to travel.

What are the options?

Andante Tour Card comes in two versions:
  • Andante Tour 1 is valid for 24 consecutive hours after first validation has taken place and it costs € 7,00.
  • Andante Tour 3 is valid over 72 consecutive hours after first validation has taken place and it costs € 15,00.
Which means of transport are included in the Andante Tour ticket?

Both cards entitle you to travel on STCP buses, metro lines, CP urban trains (stations between Espinho, Valongo  and Travagem) and other bus lines in the Andante system, allowing an unlimited number of journeys during the respective validity period.

Please be aware that you must validade the AndanteTour Card before every boarding! Lack of validation is subjet to heavy penalty.

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Where can it be bought? 

Tram tickets

 Ticket purchased on board

It entitles to one tram trip until the terminus.

 1 trip

It allows one tram trip until the terminus. 

 2 days

It entitles to travel on all trams over a 2 day-period from the first trip. Also available with discount for children aged to 12  inclusive.

 Sales points

Trams, Tram Museum, Hotels, Travel Agencies and selected Selling Booths.

Find out here more about trams.


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